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WEBINAR: Use of GVMM data in decision making

12:00 - 13:00 CET
Speakers: Mr. Wirk Ghosh & Ms. Yvonne Teng- CHAI

This webinar will show how to use Global Vaccine Market Model (GVMM) data to inform decision-making for DCVMs. This will involve demonstration using case studies and an opportunity to ask CHAI and Linksbridge questions about use and support. GVMM outputs include demand data for over 40 different vaccines and detailed country-specific information on birth cohorts, GDP, and co-financing projections. We recommend that you set up free GVMM access before the webinar; please send an email to gvmm@linksbridge.com with details of who in your company you are requesting access for.

Increase DCVM ability to leverage GVMM data effectively for
making key decisions

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Please note that the recording of the session below contains case study examples which are not present in the presentation.