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Elected for the period 2020-2022

Chair of the Board of members and President of the General assembly– Mr. Sai D. Prasad, Bharat Biotech International Ltd., India
Sai Prasad has progressive experience in management, from basic science research, good manufacturing practice, good laboratory practice, technical operations, to quality management, associated with Bharat Biotech since 2004. In his current role as the President of Quality Operations, he oversees all aspects of quality management including quality assurance, quality control, and quality management systems, aiming to translate innovation, novel R&D and product development by the company into products with global access. Previously he was the product development lead for several vaccines and biologics. He received his degree in biochemistry from the University of Wisconsin (USA) and his M.B.A in Finance and Marketing from the University of Iowa (USA).
Cochair of the Board of members and Vice-President of the General Assembly – Mr. Patrick Tippoo, Biovac Institute, South Africa
Mr. Tippoo has been with Biovac since its inception in 2003, serving as Head of Science & Innovation, The Biovac Institute. He heads product and business development and is responsible for fostering strategic alliances as well as local and international partnering opportunities with respect to product development and inbound and outbound technology transfer projects.
Treasurer – Mr. Fernando Lobos, Sinergium Biotech, Argentina
Mr. Lobos is Engineer and MBA with 20-years’ professional experience in management, focused on new business development, engineering, start-up and operations of pharmaceutical companies. He has been working in vaccine companies for over 12 years. He holds a engineering degree from University of Buenos Aires.
Member - Ms. Lingjiang Yang, CNBG, China
Ms. Lingjiang Yang is Manager of International Business and Cooperation of Chengdu Institute of Biological Products Co., Ltd. (CDIBP), an affiliate of CNBG, the China’s largest state-owned biological company and the first WHO-prequalified Chinese vaccine manufacturer. She is responsible for all international cooperation development and management, as well as taking care the international marketing. Her experience as the project coordinator of the WHO prequalification project of live Japanese encephalitis vaccine has given her insights of global vaccine industry. She has a degree in biotechnology.
Member – Mr. Adriansjah Azhari, Biofarma, Indonesia
Mr. Azhari joined Biofarma in 1989 and has vast experience in biotechnology, Quality Management including Good Manufacturing Practices. He is a pharmacist and holds a Master’s degree in Operations Management. He is currently a member of the Board of Executives of Biofarma as Senior Executive Vice President overseeing Research and Development activities. His previous appointments in the company were Head of Business Planning and Strategy, Head of Quality Assurance/responsible pharmacist, Head of bacterial vaccines production and Head of formulation/filling/packaging.
Member – Mr. Tiago Rocca, BD , Butantan Institute, Brazil
Mr. Rocca serves as Strategic Partnerships & Business Development Manager at Instituto Butantan. Rocca has been working at Butantan for over 12 years and has assumed responsibilities in several other areas related to vaccines and biopharmaceuticals production, Technology Transfer, Validation, Quality Assurance and Compliance. Pharmacist, Health Law specialist from the Public Health School of University of São Paulo, he completed the course on GMP for Influenza Vaccines Manufacturers at Biomanufacturing Training and Educational Center (BTEC), North Caroline State University.
GAVI Board Representative & GAVI PPC representative for DCVMN - Ms. Mahima Datla (non-voting)
Mahima Datla directly oversees strategic operations within Biological E organization and leads the work related to public policy. She has been working with BE for the past 17 years and has served in various capacities across a diverse range of functions. Apart from Biological E, Mahima has served on the steering committee of DCVMN as well as GAVI Board, and as member of CII National Biotech committees.
GAVI Board Alternate for DCVMN - Mr. Xiang Shu (non-voting)
Xiang Shu is the Deputy General Manager of Marketing Center of CHINA NATIONAL BIOTEC GROUP COMPANY LIMITED (CNBG), and is in charge of vaccine marketing for private market and international trade business. Previously, he was regional manager in Wuhan subsidiary, sales director in Lanzhou and Shanghai subsidiary, and regional director of east China in CNBG. Xiang Shu has more than 15 years of experience in CNBG with broad professional knowledge and practice in biological products industry and he is familiar with R&D, production of biological products in China. He holds a degree in Medical Biology engineering.
CEO-DCVMN - Mr. Rajinder Kumar Suri (non-voting)
Rajinder has rich experience in Pharmaceuticals and Biological products in India and International markets. He served at the top management including Board of Directors of the Indian subsidiary of Sanofi Pasteur and as Chief Executive – Biologicals at Panacea Biotec.
Rajinder has been Member, GAVI PPC and GAVI Steering Committee for Supply and Procurement Strategy. He played a lead role in negotiations and interactions with Ministry of Health, Government of India, UN agencies and various Global organizations Currently he is on the COVAX Manufacturing Task Force Leadership Team and member of several international expert advisory groups.
Rajinder is a former Member Executive Committee and Vice President, DCVMN and currently as CEO responsible for leadership, governance, strategic vision and overall operational excellence of DCVMN Secretariat.
Executive Secretary - Dr. Sonia R Pagliusi (non-voting)
Dr. Pagliusi is the Executive Secretary of DCVMN International since 2011 and is deeply committed to improving healthcare globally. She has over 25 years of professional experience, with a balanced track record in both private and public sectors, working with leading multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, in research and development and with WHO in vaccine quality assessment and introduction. She holds degrees in Biomedical Sciences from Paulista Medical School, Brazil, Biochemistry Diplom from Free University Berlin, a PhD in Molecular Biology from Heidelberg University and a Public Health Management degree from Geneva University.

New Committee Members Announcement

As you would be aware the Developing Countries Vaccine Manufacturers Network (DCVMN) held elections for Executive Committee members and put forward their votes for new committee members on 22nd October 2019, at the 20th AGM in Rio, Brazil.

We are very pleased to welcome new incoming committee members Ms. Weidan Huang, Mr. Tiago Rocca and Mr. Adriansjah Azhari, joining Ms. Yang, Mr Prasad, Mr. Tippoo and Mr. Lobos.

All committee roles are reviewed and, to support professional development within the committee, these roles are reallocated by vote. For your information, according to the article 3.9 and of the bylaws/internal rules, the new elected Board 2020-2022 is composed as follows:

  • Mr. Sai Prasad, President of the General Assembly and Chair of the Board of members
  • Mr. Patrick Tippoo, Vice President of the General Assembly and Cochair of the Board of members
  • Mr. Tiago Rocca, Board member
  • Mr. Adriansjah Azhari, Board member
  • Mr. Fernando Lobos, Board member and Treasurer
  • Ms. Lingjiang Yang, Board member.

We thank all the elected members for their interest and generous availability to voluntarily serve the association.

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