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Members list

List of participants (as of 27th January 2022)

Name SurnameCompanyCountry
S. Comellas- Cochair Sinergium Biotech Argentina
S. Gairlola Serum Institute of India, Ltd India
Y. Xu CNBG China
I. Nurnaeni PT Biofarma Indonesia
Ch. Roy Bharat Biotech International Ltd India
J. Jellin Biovac South Africa
A. Wong Walvax China
J. Chen Bravovax China
P. Nagarkar - Chair Serum Institute of India, Ltd India
N. De Clercq* GSK Belgium
L. Le Palaire* Sanofi Pasteur France
L. Scheppler* Jansen Vaccines, Branch of Cilag GmbH International Switzerland
M. McGoldrick* Merck Sharp & Dohme USA
J. Dias* Pfizer Belgium
P. Barbosa* IFPMA
A. Basso* Sanofi Pasteur France
B. Hendrickx Independent Consultant Switzerland

*Representatives from IFPMA member companies

IFPMA representatives are regularly y invited to the Working Group discussions, and a close scientific collaboration has been established b between the two groups and the representatives are also co-authors in the WG publications, according to contributions, as appropriate.