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Consulting opportunities

from training expert consultants in manufacturing process optimization and validation for vaccines DCVMN International periodically sponsors technical training workshops provided to professionals of member companies by internationally-reputable expert consultants. Our goal is to create a pool of talented professional manufacturers in developing countries to supply affordable vaccines sustainably with the ultimate objective to increase availability of, and access to high-quality products globally.
Independent expert consultants, with sound training experience, are invited to send us an expression of interest to provide 2.5 days, face-to-face class room training, to a group of approximately 45 professionals, mostly from Asian countries.

The training programme shall be delivered in form of slide presentations about the concepts and principles of Chemistry, Manufacturing & Control of processes used in vaccines’ production. The lectures shall be complemented with short demonstration videos, case studies, play-roles and group discussions. The training duration should be 2 or 3 days (8 hours daily) to be held in March 2016, and to be conducted in English language.
The trainer shall be a seasoned professional, with excellent communication skills, with broad experience in the vaccine manufacturing industry and training materials proven to be effective, perhaps with few adjustments/updates.

Please send a letter of expression of interest with your CV to executivesecretary@dcvmn.org by December 15th 2016.

Note: This call for expression of interest is not an offer of employment or for services by DCVMN, but is intended solely as an invitation to engage in discussions and potential agreements based on good faith. DCVMN makes no representation, implied or express, that it will accept or approve any proposal submitted. DCVMN is under no obligation to award funds or business on the basis of this call, and is not obliged to explain its rationale for the selection or elimination of any of the proposals submitted to DCVMN. DCVMN, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to select, discuss or negotiate with those interested individuals it deems qualifies. DCVMN incurs no liability towards applicants which may not be retained.